Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update, Windows 6.1 on SMT5800

Just a quick update on impressions of the winmo6.1 update for the Verizon Wireless SMT5800. If you did not read that article, or install the update yet, here are instructions: Windows Mobile 6.1 for Verizon Wireless SMT5800

I have had the winmo 6.1 update rom installed on my verizon smt5800 for about one month now. Keep in mind, I am a moderately heavy user of both the data and phone portions of the phone (more so on the data side), So I am a pretty good test case.

I still have not seen anything "official" from Verizon announcing the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the SMT5800, but I have had ZERO issues with installing it and running it on my phone. Just thought I would drop some quick notes here, for people that care:

  1. Threaded SMS is cool, takes some getting used to, but cool.
  2. The remoted desktop client only works if you have a hostname, so okay on local sides of your network, but chances are you do not have a hostname set up for a home pc or an individual machine back at the office.
  3. The upgrades to Pocket Internet Explorer are useless. It has a zoom out feature that allows you to see a whole page, and you can now set your homepage. Otherwise, it is as slow and cumbersome as ever. Stick with Skyfire or Opera (Skyfire works great)
  4. EVDO Rev A works great.
  5. I have about 10 aftermarket programs on the device, all of them are functioning without bugs.
  6. I have not run into any programs or issues where something had bugs or was broken.
  7. The battery seems to last a little bit longer now
  8. I do not have to reboot the phone as much anymore to free up memory, seems they have fixed some of the memory leaks.
  9. Call and Voice Quality have not changed
  10. The new home screen provided by Microsoft was cool (it is disabled by default for the verizon one) But I still went back and put a custom home screen on the smt5800
  11. Navigation on the device changed slightly. For instance, <- arrow now works more like an up arrow and the 'del' key is not universally swapped with the back arrow for navigation. Also, when popping menus up with the right soft key, some of them do not lose by hitting the <- arrow, instead you must hit the soft key again. No big deal, minor things really, but again, takes some getting used to.
Overall, I have used the update for about a month now, with not a single negative issue. There is nothing to wait for.

Upgrade your SMT5800 to Windows Mobile 6.1 Today!


Larry said...

OK I have 6.1 on my SMT5800, but now my Lotus Notes (Used for work email) will not let me respond to incoming email. Replication is perfect, calendar and all other actions are fine, but replying to email and sending new emails do not work.

Verizon tells me I need to talk to HTC. HTC tells me they don't have a 6.0 version either. Any idea where I can get a 6.0 operating system?

Thoughts said...

I am using Exchange Server, so I am not exactly sure the differences with lotus.
I did a quick google search and found people with other similar issues, and there is a hotfix for it. Click here .

When you search for fixes, dont worry about your phone model and carrier, just search things like "windows mobile 6.1 cannot send email"

If that does not work and other google searches for the problem dont work, you should be able to physically take the phone to a store and have it flashed back to winmo 6.0