Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.1 on Verizon SMT5800


Verizon finally got off their asses and released windows mobile 6.1 for the SMT5800 cell phone!

I installed it with no problems, it took about 12 minutes. Be careful, you lose EVERYTHING on the device (except what is on your memory card). So plan on spending the next half hour on reconfiguring everything including exchange settings, contacts, ringtones, etc. This update will also delete anything on the main system memory, so make sure you save any pictures/tones that you do not have on your memory card. After the Rom update, you will need to call Verizon to get the phone re-authenticated on the network, which takes less than 5 minutes. (after the update, just call #8899 and ask them to authenticate the phone).

I just got winmo 6.1 installed on the smt5800 so not much to report yet. I will build out a list when I discover stuff:
  1. It does have threaded SMS
  2. It does have a remote desktop client, I have not tested it yet.
  3. You can finally set the homepage in pocket internet Explorer.
  4. It supports VZNavigator -though I still do not know why anyone would pay for it.
  5. It supports Evdo Rev A. Using Skyfire with Evdo Rev. A is fantastic!
  6. So far, all of my old applications are running with no compatibility issues.
Direct Download Link for WinMo 6.1 on SMT5800
Here is the page with link and instructions

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reukiodo said...

Both links are broken. Could you repost?

Thoughts said...

Unfortunately, it looks like they removed the rom from their site. If I were you, I would head over to http://forum.xda-developers.com and see what they have cooking.