Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adding MRU to XML in Windows Mobile 6.1

I had posted a while back on how to customize your Verizon SMT5800's home screen. I had indicated that my screen shots show the MRU bar, though some people call them quick links, or bookmarks, they are actually called Most Recently Used (formally). My instructions for updating the SMT5800 did not include how to actually create that, so I will tell you how to do so here.

Remember, I take no responsibility or liability if you break your phone.

This is going off of the top of my head, so I apologize if the instructions are not as clear as some other ones I posted.
  1. Plug your phone in via activesynch, and navigate to My Windows Mobile-Based Device\Application Data\Home
  2. Retrieve the xml file you want to modify (for me, it was htc.home.xml) Copy it to your pc.
  3. Rename the file to something new (htc2.home.xml)
  4. Edit the file. Just use notepad if you dont have an xml editer (hold shift on your keyboard, right click, open with, choose notepad) DO NOT USE MICROSOFT WORD TO EDIT THIS FILE!
  5. Now, you just need to add the lines of code below in order for your smt5800 to call the MRU function.

    Or use this to copy and paste:

    <!-- MRU
    - <plugin clsid="{79EFB752-CB70-446d-B317-499723482B3D}" name="startmru" width="320" height="30">
    <background b-border-width="0" />
    <mru icon-size="16" x="0" y="6" button-transparent-color="#959589" halign="left" valign="bottom" max-buttons="9" />

  6. You need to add the above code (cut and paste it) wherever you want the quick use icons to appear. For me, I wanted it at the top of the home screen, so I pasted it in immediately after these lines of code:
  7. You can customize that script a little if you want (for instance, you can play with the size (pixels) or how many icons you want it to remember.
  8. When you are done monkeying around with the xml, remember to save it. Then move it over to the same directory you pulled it from on your smt5800.
  9. Go into the settings on your phone, choose home screen, then select the new file you just created (htc2).
  10. That's it.

Again, sorry if the instructions were not as good as they normally are, but if you run into problems, let me know.

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