Friday, July 18, 2014

Upgrade Ram in ReadyNas 516 NAS RN516

I recently bought a ReadyNas 516 NAS device (RN516) to support a VMcluster as well as to act as a Plex Server.   After spending a ton of time researching, and trying to do a make vs. buy analysis, I was convinced (only slightly) that the ReadyNas 516 was the way to go.  However, while the specs vs. price of the Netgear device are compelling, the 4MB RAM seemed a bit small for my needs.  Fortunately, I read on several forums that people have had great success upgrading the RAM to 16GB from the paltry 4MB it came with.
So after a little research, I learned that people where having success with 8GB Crucial 16GB PC3-12800 DDR3L memory; which is Unbuffered, ECC, non-registered RAM.   I also learned that this device, despite the specs on Netgear's site, actually has 2 memory slots, allowing you to upgrade to 16GB, with little effort.
Well, after I got my parts in, I realized it was a little more than a small effort, because the RAM slots are not easy to get to.  I read some helpful descriptions on one forum, but no one posted pictures of the process.  I figured I would here.
Below is the instructions for adding memory to a ReadyNAS 516 NAS as well as pictures of the inside of a dissasembled RN516 NAS.  Please note, adding Ram WILL void you warranty.

1.) Here is the RN516 box with the outer case removed.  If you can't figure out how to remove the case, you probably should not proceed any further with this attempt.  7 screws on the back of the of the unit and slide the case backwards to remove.

 Random pictures of the inside of a Readynas 516

2.) Now, while still in an upright position, spin it around so the metal backplane is towards you.  Remove the 4 nut/screws in the corners of the backplane.  Mine were black.  The picture below shows them removed.
 3.) Now, lay the device down so that the open side (side of drive carriage) is on the table, and spin the device so that its face face you.  Using a small prying device, carefully lift the front of the unit open.  Note, this is NOT on hinges, so be careful not to bend anything!

4.) Now, VERY carefully, you have to reach your tiny hands in there and disconnect the old 4MB chip and (the hard part) insert two new 8GB trips, starting with the center location slot first.  This is a bit hard to do, as gravity and small spaces are working against you.
5.) And,  you're done.  Carefully put it all back together.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Car Seat for Infiniti G37 & Booster Seat for G37

I have an Infiniti 2009 G37XS sedan and a 3 year old. Unfortunately, as you've probably already learned, the backseat in the infiniti g37 and g35 sedans are not very friendly with child carseats and booster seats. Not only is the back a bit cramped (because the booster seat hits the back of the driver or passenger front seats) but there is another problem because the G37 does not have detachable rear headrests. Worse, the headrests stick out a bit from the back, which causes child carseats and toddler booster seats with high-backs to be pushed forward and not flush with the back of the rear car seat.

(more info below)

 Shop: Inexpensive High Back Car Booster Seat for Infiniti G37
Read my review for a good coffee mug to fit a 2009 Infiniti g37

Purely by dumb luck, the first large booster seat that I purchased turned out to be a perfect fit for the Infiniti G37 sedan. I purchased the The First Years True Fit Recline Convertible Car Seat and it fit perfectly in the back seat of the Infiniti G37Xs sedan. This not only fits back in the back with the drivers seat slightly reclined and all the way in the rear position, but the head supports are indented in so that they are not impacted by the non-removable headrests of the rear seats in the G37. The model I have is the True Fit C630, but it looks like any true fit car seat should fit a late generation g35, or g37 in the forward facing direction.
As you can see, there is not a ton of leg room, especially if your 2 year old or 3 year old is tall, like mine.  However, this is the driver's seat in the fully extended rear position and a slight recline.  My kid's legs barely fit, but they do fit.  Shorter drivers probably don't have to worry as much.  Or, sit the child on the passenger side of your G35 or G37.    One interesting note, I recently had a 2011 loaner G37 (not the sport model) and the front where much thicker than my 2009 sport model.  It ate up some additional leg room for the child.  
Not sure if that is all 2011 models or any model that does not have the sport package.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Heater Repairman in Doylestown and Chalfont Area

I just finished making some modifications to the website of a really good inexpensive heater and air conditioning repair company in Doylestown Pa.  Check it out. BucksMont Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists, Acker Heating and Cooling

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cheap small keyboard for Samsung ES8000 Smart Hub Tv

I have a Samsung 65ES8000 LED TV with Samsung's Smart Hub and was looking for a compact, yet inexpensive qwerty keyboard/remote so that I could use the web browser with more speed.
I was originally looking at the Samsung RMC-QTD1, which I knew would work on the Samsung es8000 and es7500 smart tvs, but I didn't want to spend over $100 for a remote that I would barely every use.

So I took a gamble and bought the Favi SmartStick Keyboard for about $30.  The Favi qwerty keyboard was specifically designed to work with Favi Smartstick mini computers (that plug into the hdmi port of a tv), but I thought it should work for the Samsung TV running Smart Hub.
Long story short, it works just fine.   Some of the apps do not recognize the keyboard, but the important one, the web browser, recognizes both the keystrikes, and mouse action and mouse clicks. Simple plug the small usb adapter into the Samsung Smart Tv's usb port (in the back) and the TV automatically recognized the keyboard. No configuration or software to install, truly plug and play.

The keyboard works pretty well, but sometimes the touchpad is a bit slow to navigate the cursor around.  The touchpad also supports tapping as a mouse click.  Overall, the Favi Keyboard was a great buy for about $30, as a cheap alternative to the samsung qwerty remote for a Samsung smart hub tv.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cheap Wireless HDMI Solution

This is a brief review of an awesome wireless HDMI alternative that we use.

My company recently moved into a new facility and at the same time we decided to replace our old projectors with LED tvs in our meeting rooms. However, we did not have a huge budget. We wanted something that looked and functioned well, but did not have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend on it. We settled on 65" Vizio TVs that were on sale for less than $1,000 at BestBuy. But now we had a bigger problem. We had two very large meeting rooms and a constant demand for our consultants to connect their laptops to the presentation screen to show the group what was on their monitor.

In the past, we had a separate laptop dock that they could plug into, and VGA or HDMI cable going to the project that was sitting on the table. Obviously, that was not going to work anymore, as the tv is about 15 feet from the conference room table, AND we didn't want an unsightly cord hanging off of the TV.

 So, I started looking at wireless HDMI solutions. First off, they were pricey, averaging $150 to $200. Secondly, they only allow one person to connect to the tv display at a time. Third, the biggest problem we ran into is that not all laptops have an HDMI port on it. So, how do you go about wirelessly projecting a signal from your laptop to a tv, WITHOUT using Plex, apps or tons of adapters and plugs?

Well, we found the answer to cheap wireless video streaming from a laptop to a tv. Its a simple box, created by a company I never heard of before called IPEVO. The box, called the IPEVO HD WPS which stands for IPEVO High Definition Wireless Presentation System, is a simple device that looks just like a router. In fact, it actually is a router, with a bunch more capabilities.

Basically, this little box, connects up behind your tv via HDMI or VGA (and 1/8" audio) and plugs into the outlet. It then creates a wireless access point that you can connect directly to from any laptop. Then, you install a very lightweight software client on your laptop, and boom, you can instantly project your screen and audio on your display wirelessly. It works very well, in fact, I was able to stream Netflix and youtube with very very little loss of video quality.

 But, let's say you don't want to connect to another router (we didn't), no problem!  The device can alternatively connect to your existing network through wifi, or through the included RJ45 network jack.   So, my staff, who is already on my building's wifi, can simply launch their software on their pc and from anywhere in the building start sharing their screen.  In fact, 4 people at once can share their screens in a four way split screen.

We've now had three of these units running on our network for a couple of months, and they are working out perfectly.  Even visitors can quickly through their presentations up on our tv's wirelessly without worrying about dongles, ports, adapters and cords to trip over.

When I originally discovered the  IPEVO HD WPS,I actually found a product from Blackbox that did all the same things, but did not have an HDMI port.  Worse, it was twice the price.  As of this writing, the IPEVO wireless video system is $199.00, I think its a steal.   What is odd is that the screenshots I've found of the blackbox unit look to be identical to the firmware on my IPEVO, making me think they are manufactured by the same company.

So, if you are looking for a great way to share multiple laptop screens at once on a tv or projector.  Or you want wireless HDMI and wireless VGA but don't want to deal with adapters, the IPEVO HD WPS is the solution for you.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chris Christie, Fast Food Warrior

Just a tiny bit of crappy photoshop work on top of a stock image that Chris Christie used at the RNC.  He should know better.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Comparing HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE and Droid Incredible 2 and Droid Incredible 1: Operating Systems

For those of you wondering about the differences between the original Droid Incredible, the Droid Incredible 2 and the HTC Droid Incredible 4g lte, this post is for you.  There a bunch of reviews out there already telling people what the Incredible 4G does or does not have, but not many that are comparing how the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE stacks up against the prior phones in the Droid Incredible line up.

In case you missed it, see my earlier post comparing dimensions and sizes of the Dinc 1, Dinc 2 and Dinc 3 and my rant about why you should not compare this phone to the HTC One X or Galaxy S3. 

Operating System
As you all know, all three Dincs use Google's Android operating system.
The Original Incredible maxed out at Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 (don't remember sense version, I think 2)
The Incredible 2 (as of this writing) is at Android Gingerbread 2.3.4  (don't remember sense version, I think 2) as well, but has some extra features over the original Inc
The Incredible 4G shipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) 4.0.3 and Sense 4

So what's the difference?
In real world application, the main changes from the Incredible 1 to the Incredible 2 where all extremely minor.  The processor and ram boost of the Incredible 2 made for a better experience, but overall the interface of the two units was extremely similar.  There were a couple of enhancements and improvements to the mail client in the Incredible 2, and it ironed out a couple of minor email and calendar bugs.  A big improvement is that it removed the annoying out of disk space bug that the Incredible 1 had.  The Incredible 2 offered more customizable screens and backgrounds, but overall, the OS and overall experience was incredibly (pun intended) similar. 
Now, how about moving from the Incredible 2 to the Incredible 4G?  Well, now we have some big differences.
  • ICS manages memory and storage much better.  What does this mean to you?  It means that you dont' have to install a task manager to kill tasks just to speed up the phone (incredible one owners).  It means that you don't get the dreaded out of disk space message on the og Incredible (though that was solved in the Inc 2).  And for Dinc2 users, it means that the new operating system, combined with more ram and a better processor, absolutely flies.  I rarely see any lag on the phone.
  • You don't have to Root the device to get rid of Verizon bloat.  Well, technically the Verizon bloat is still there taking up space, BUT you can disable it so that you do not see it in your menus and that it does not autostart.  So, slacker radio, Vcast, VZNavigator and all that other crap can be disabled from the application management screen in the Incredible 4G and you don't have to worry about it again.
  • Email is improved yet again, with email grouping.  This means that you can delete whole groups of emails (from one sender) with just a couple clicks, which is really useful.  
  • Huge improvements to the lock screen.  You can now set you lock screen to show you calendar appointments or the weather, and can also set it up with quick unlock settings so you can unlock your phone right into texts, email, camera or a web browser.
  • The HTC Incredible 4G  has more background and color choices available out of the box compared to the Incredible 2.
  • The camera on the Inc4G takes photos lightning fast compared to the Incredible 2.  I actually think the camera speed and focus was better on the original incredible than the incredible 2, but the incredible 4G is better than them both.  It is true though, the HTC One series with the discreet imaging chip, is better than the 4G Incredible.  Even so, you still take acceptable images at a fast rate, and you can take snapshots while video is recording.  The inc 4g also supports taking 1080p videos.  Not bad.
I'll add more to this list as I think of it.