Friday, August 14, 2015

Does Navision 5.0 Client on Windows 10?

Does the Microsoft Dynamics Nav 5.0 client work on Windows 10?  Yes, natively
Does Microsoft Navision 5.0 cside client work on Windows 10?  Yes, natively
Does MS Nav 5 work on Win 10? Yes, natively.

I am successfully running the CSIDE Microsoft Dynamics Nav 5.0 SP1 client attached to a version 3.70 A database on Windows 10.   It doesn't need virtualization or compatibility mode.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Does the Dell 1540 Wireless Card Support WiDi Miracast?

  • Does the dell 1540 wireless card support miracast? No
  • Does the dell 1540 wireless laptop card support intel WiDi (wireless display)? No 
  • Does a Dell latitude e6400, e6410, e6420 or e6430 with a Dell 1540 Wireless card support miracast or wireless display? No 

 In short, No the Dell 1540 Wireless Card doesn't support miracast or widi, no matter what drivers and software you try to add to it. But, there are some really cheap options to get miracast working on your old laptop:

Instead, buy the very inexpensive Intel Wireless AC 7260 that supports dual band, 2.4ghz, 5ghz, bluetooth and wireless AC all for under $30.   Or, get the Centrino 6205 or 6235, often found under $16.

It takes less than five minutes to replace it in your laptop, all you need is a small screwdriver.

Get the Intel AC 7260 wifi card with widi on Amazon.  With it, you'll be able to simulcast your laptop audio and video with a couple of quick clicks in Both Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Can't Sign In To Microsoft Account in Windows 10

Solved - Cannot login to Microsoft Account and Cortana on Windows 10
I recently upgraded Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 and now have been unable to login to Cortana or my windows account properly.  My computer is logged into a domain (work computer).

Everytime I hit the search or Cortana logo, I would be prompted to login, I would, and it would seem to accept it, but nothing happens.  Every time I click search it says "Let's pick up where you left off" and then prompts me to login again. So basically, every single time I click the search box in windows 10 I am asked to login to my microsoft account.

 If I login to any other Microsoft apps (store, weather, etc) I am also presented the option to login to my Microsoft account.  It will accept the login, and ask if I want to make it my default account system wide, if I say yes, I get "We're sorry, but we weren't able to make this Microsoft account your default account for Windows.  Don't worry, we will sign you into this app.  If you want to use this account to sign in to Windows, you can set that up in the Accounts section of Settings."

 I tried everything under the sun, short of a wipe and restart.  Deleting and recreating accounts, restoring, etc.  Nothing would let me login properly to Cortana and My Microsoft Windows 10 account, until this:

  1. Delete any fragments of Microsoft account sign-ins, including ones that you see under account settings in control panel. (start, settings, accounts, "other accounts you use").  In my case, I had already deleted it previously.
  2. Delete any local accounts that are specific to Microsoft accounts.  Hit start, type user accounts, manage user accounts, delete the Microsoft account if applicable (the one listed with an email address).  Important!: be sure you add a LOCAL admin or domain admin account so you can still login, don't lock yourself out.
  3. Edit your registry (start, type 'regedit')  navigate to
    Here, you will see the account that is giving you trouble.  Delete (Right click the email address and click delete).
  4. Add the account back.  Start, settings, Accounts, - add your Microsoft Account.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Verizon Fios Quantum not getting Syfy - Fixed

I'm an early adopter of technology.  So when Philadelphia Verizon offered their new Verizon Fios Quantum service, which allows for up to 6 simultaneous tunes/recordings, I jumped on board quickly.  But, we've had it about a year now, and have had nothing but problems.   I've had at least 6 calls into tech support, and have unplugged/rebooted the boxes at least 30 times.   We had 3, yes THREE separate visits from tech support, and not until the very last guy did any of them have any idea about the fios quantum system.  In fact, the second tech I had out flat out told me that he had 2 years until retirement and didn't want to learn any of this crap.  But I digress.  Let me tell you how everything ultimately got resolved.

We've had "digital choppyness" which looks like artifacting or sound loss on several channels since the day the system got installed.   Some days the channels were better than others, and sometimes they flat out did not work and we'd get a message similar to "This channel is not available".  The many calls to Verizon resulted in lots of unplugging and plugging back in.  A tech that installed a booster (even though the signal is not analog) and a swap of both equipment and routers.  Long story short, the splitters are MOST DEFINITELY the problem.

So, I've reran cable, put new ends on, and put a booster in place, yet I still was not able to get channels 680, 685, 780 and a few others.  Most recently Syfy, FXX and the DisneyHD channel flat out did not work.     So, ultimately, here is what I found out.  The new Verizon Fios Quantum (which is a VMS system) is NOT COMPATIBLE with the splitters that have been installed by Verizon and Comcast for the last 20 years.  Those splitters are only good up 1ghz.  The new system operates up to 1.2ghz (give or take).  Basically, what is happening is that channels that are broadcast over the 1ghz frequency over the cable can be blocked by the old splitters.  Therefore, your VMS (dvr) cannot get the channel properly and cannot send it out to your media clients.

Here is the kicker.   According to the tech that visited me last (the only one that knows what he is doing), Verizon knows about this.  They are hoping people don't complain about the lost channels.  The ones that do, well they are told that the wiring is bad and those customers are charged to replace the splitters.  

While I understand business and profits, I think this is dishonest.  Minimally, as part of the "upgrade" to Quantum, Verizon should make it clear to their customers that any coax splitter in their house will likely need to be replaced.  

So, if you are getting partially scrambled signal on channels 685, 780 on Fios, chances are it is the splitters in your house are not of the right frequency.   This splitter (or any that is greater than 1.5ghz) should work to fix your problem.   Keep in mind, you likely have MULTIPLE splitters between the ONT (the main white box they install) and your VMS (the largest quantum black box).   The splitters up to your router should not matter.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Perkasie Music Teacher, Flute and Piano

Music Instructor in Perkasie, PA

I don't think I've plugged anyone lately, so here goes.
If you are looking for the best flute teacher or piano instructor in Perkasie, Souderton, Quakertown and the Bucks County vicinity, look no further than Michelle Cosgrove of Cosgrove Studios.

The Michelle Cosgrove Flute and Piano Studio is a private in-home Flute and Piano Music lessons studio based in Perkasie, Bucks County.
She is an accomplished musician, in Flute, Baroque Flute, Piano, Keyboard and vocals.  With a Bachelor's from Trenton State and Master's from West Chester, she also has the formal education to back up her performance expertise.  

She, and her colleauges are also available for performances and events (weddings, bat/bar mitzvah, etc.)

Visit her site:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Upgrade Ram in ReadyNas 516 NAS RN516

I recently bought a ReadyNas 516 NAS device (RN516) to support a VMcluster as well as to act as a Plex Server.   After spending a ton of time researching, and trying to do a make vs. buy analysis, I was convinced (only slightly) that the ReadyNas 516 was the way to go.  However, while the specs vs. price of the Netgear device are compelling, the 4MB RAM seemed a bit small for my needs.  Fortunately, I read on several forums that people have had great success upgrading the RAM to 16GB from the paltry 4MB it came with.
So after a little research, I learned that people where having success with 8GB Crucial 16GB PC3-12800 DDR3L memory; which is Unbuffered, ECC, non-registered RAM.   I also learned that this device, despite the specs on Netgear's site, actually has 2 memory slots, allowing you to upgrade to 16GB, with little effort.
Well, after I got my parts in, I realized it was a little more than a small effort, because the RAM slots are not easy to get to.  I read some helpful descriptions on one forum, but no one posted pictures of the process.  I figured I would here.
Below is the instructions for adding memory to a ReadyNAS 516 NAS as well as pictures of the inside of a dissasembled RN516 NAS.  Please note, adding Ram WILL void you warranty.

1.) Here is the RN516 box with the outer case removed.  If you can't figure out how to remove the case, you probably should not proceed any further with this attempt.  7 screws on the back of the of the unit and slide the case backwards to remove.

 Random pictures of the inside of a Readynas 516

2.) Now, while still in an upright position, spin it around so the metal backplane is towards you.  Remove the 4 nut/screws in the corners of the backplane.  Mine were black.  The picture below shows them removed.
 3.) Now, lay the device down so that the open side (side of drive carriage) is on the table, and spin the device so that its face face you.  Using a small prying device, carefully lift the front of the unit open.  Note, this is NOT on hinges, so be careful not to bend anything!

4.) Now, VERY carefully, you have to reach your tiny hands in there and disconnect the old 4MB chip and (the hard part) insert two new 8GB trips, starting with the center location slot first.  This is a bit hard to do, as gravity and small spaces are working against you.
5.) And,  you're done.  Carefully put it all back together.

In this article:
Pictures of inside of ReadyNas 516
Netgear ReadyNas 516
Crucial 2 x 8GB Ram (16 GB Kit)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Car Seat for Infiniti G37 & Booster Seat for G37

I have an Infiniti 2009 G37XS sedan and a 3 year old. Unfortunately, as you've probably already learned, the backseat in the infiniti g37 and g35 sedans are not very friendly with child carseats and booster seats. Not only is the back a bit cramped (because the booster seat hits the back of the driver or passenger front seats) but there is another problem because the G37 does not have detachable rear headrests. Worse, the headrests stick out a bit from the back, which causes child carseats and toddler booster seats with high-backs to be pushed forward and not flush with the back of the rear car seat.

(more info below)

 Shop: Inexpensive High Back Car Booster Seat for Infiniti G37
Read my review for a good coffee mug to fit a 2009 Infiniti g37

Purely by dumb luck, the first large booster seat that I purchased turned out to be a perfect fit for the Infiniti G37 sedan. I purchased the The First Years True Fit Recline Convertible Car Seat and it fit perfectly in the back seat of the Infiniti G37Xs sedan. This not only fits back in the back with the drivers seat slightly reclined and all the way in the rear position, but the head supports are indented in so that they are not impacted by the non-removable headrests of the rear seats in the G37. The model I have is the True Fit C630, but it looks like any true fit car seat should fit a late generation g35, or g37 in the forward facing direction.
As you can see, there is not a ton of leg room, especially if your 2 year old or 3 year old is tall, like mine.  However, this is the driver's seat in the fully extended rear position and a slight recline.  My kid's legs barely fit, but they do fit.  Shorter drivers probably don't have to worry as much.  Or, sit the child on the passenger side of your G35 or G37.    One interesting note, I recently had a 2011 loaner G37 (not the sport model) and the front where much thicker than my 2009 sport model.  It ate up some additional leg room for the child.  
Not sure if that is all 2011 models or any model that does not have the sport package.

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