Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Replacement Insoles for Keen Austin Shoes

I've been wearing a pair of Keen Austin shoes 5 days a week for about 2 years now.  They are by far the best shoes I've ever owned in terms of durability and comfort (for the style that they are).  However, after about 2 years, the insoles of the Keen Austin Men's shoes are about completely warn out.  
Keen Austin Shoes

I found that perfect sized replacements Keen Austin insoles can be found on Amazon are in fact manufactured by Keen themselves.   Here they are: Keen Austin Replacement Insole

I happen to wear size 13; so went with the "X-Large" size.  In my case, the insoles were a perfect match size-wise as the original insoles found in my Keen Austin shoes and required no cutting or trimming of the replacement foot pad.   While these insoles don't look the same as the original Keen Austin Insoles, they are shaped exactly the same (the replacements are bright yellow and black).   The new keen austin replacement footbed insoles are a bit firmer than the original (the softer feeling Keen Austin replacement food pads can be found here - but I can't vouch for them).  While they are a bit firmer, I suspect they might last longer than the original keen insoles for the austin shoe.

Find your replacement Keen Austin Insoles here:

 or here for the firmer (confirmed fit) model: