Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cannot install amazon updates after marshmallow (fixed on Samsung Note 5)

I recently updated my Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Android Marshmallow 6.0. While the upgrade to the Note 5 was pretty painless and seamless, I did experience one, sort of major problem.  After upgrading my Samsung Note 5 to Marshmallow (on Verizon), I am unable to install updates to any Amazon apps.

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After the marshmallow upgrade to android on my samsung note 5, I found that I could not install updates to the amazon music app nor the amazon alexa (echo app).  Specifically, if I tried to install an update to the amazon music app from google play, it would get to about 4mb downloaded and then give me an error Error: -505 cannot install app.  I tried rebooting, clearing the appstore crash, and even made the mistake of removing the app and trying to reinstall it (that did not work).   I also had the same issue with trying to upgrade that amazon alexa app, it would fail to install updates as well after the marshmallow update.   

I tried removing both apps and reinstalling them from the amazon app store, and that failed too.   Finally I found a solution, and it worked quickly.   I had disabled the Amazon Audible app previously in the phone.  I went back into the application manager and re-enabled the audible app.  Then, I installed the updates to audible.  Once I completed updating audible, I was able to update my existing amazon music app and was able to reinstall the alexa app that I had previously removed.

If you are trying to update amazon music or amazon alexa echo on a phone running marshmallow, make sure you first enable the Amazon Audible app.