Friday, September 12, 2014

Perkasie Music Teacher, Flute and Piano

Music Instructor in Perkasie, PA

I don't think I've plugged anyone lately, so here goes.
If you are looking for the best flute teacher or piano instructor in Perkasie, Souderton, Quakertown and the Bucks County vicinity, look no further than Michelle Cosgrove of Cosgrove Studios.

The Michelle Cosgrove Flute and Piano Studio is a private in-home Flute and Piano Music lessons studio based in Perkasie, Bucks County.
She is an accomplished musician, in Flute, Baroque Flute, Piano, Keyboard and vocals.  With a Bachelor's from Trenton State and Master's from West Chester, she also has the formal education to back up her performance expertise.  

She, and her colleauges are also available for performances and events (weddings, bat/bar mitzvah, etc.)

Visit her site:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Upgrade Ram in ReadyNas 516 NAS RN516

I recently bought a ReadyNas 516 NAS device (RN516) to support a VMcluster as well as to act as a Plex Server.   After spending a ton of time researching, and trying to do a make vs. buy analysis, I was convinced (only slightly) that the ReadyNas 516 was the way to go.  However, while the specs vs. price of the Netgear device are compelling, the 4MB RAM seemed a bit small for my needs.  Fortunately, I read on several forums that people have had great success upgrading the RAM to 16GB from the paltry 4MB it came with.
So after a little research, I learned that people where having success with 8GB Crucial 16GB PC3-12800 DDR3L memory; which is Unbuffered, ECC, non-registered RAM.   I also learned that this device, despite the specs on Netgear's site, actually has 2 memory slots, allowing you to upgrade to 16GB, with little effort.
Well, after I got my parts in, I realized it was a little more than a small effort, because the RAM slots are not easy to get to.  I read some helpful descriptions on one forum, but no one posted pictures of the process.  I figured I would here.
Below is the instructions for adding memory to a ReadyNAS 516 NAS as well as pictures of the inside of a dissasembled RN516 NAS.  Please note, adding Ram WILL void you warranty.

1.) Here is the RN516 box with the outer case removed.  If you can't figure out how to remove the case, you probably should not proceed any further with this attempt.  7 screws on the back of the of the unit and slide the case backwards to remove.

 Random pictures of the inside of a Readynas 516

2.) Now, while still in an upright position, spin it around so the metal backplane is towards you.  Remove the 4 nut/screws in the corners of the backplane.  Mine were black.  The picture below shows them removed.
 3.) Now, lay the device down so that the open side (side of drive carriage) is on the table, and spin the device so that its face face you.  Using a small prying device, carefully lift the front of the unit open.  Note, this is NOT on hinges, so be careful not to bend anything!

4.) Now, VERY carefully, you have to reach your tiny hands in there and disconnect the old 4MB chip and (the hard part) insert two new 8GB trips, starting with the center location slot first.  This is a bit hard to do, as gravity and small spaces are working against you.
5.) And,  you're done.  Carefully put it all back together.

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