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Car Seat for Infiniti G37 & Booster Seat for G37

I have an Infiniti 2009 G37XS sedan and a 3 year old. Unfortunately, as you've probably already learned, the backseat in the infiniti g37 and g35 sedans are not very friendly with child carseats and booster seats. Not only is the back a bit cramped (because the booster seat hits the back of the driver or passenger front seats) but there is another problem because the G37 does not have detachable rear headrests. Worse, the headrests stick out a bit from the back, which causes child carseats and toddler booster seats with high-backs to be pushed forward and not flush with the back of the rear car seat.

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Purely by dumb luck, the first large booster seat that I purchased turned out to be a perfect fit for the Infiniti G37 sedan. I purchased the The First Years True Fit Recline Convertible Car Seat and it fit perfectly in the back seat of the Infiniti G37Xs sedan. This not only fits back in the back with the drivers seat slightly reclined and all the way in the rear position, but the head supports are indented in so that they are not impacted by the non-removable headrests of the rear seats in the G37. The model I have is the True Fit C630, but it looks like any true fit car seat should fit a late generation g35, or g37 in the forward facing direction.
As you can see, there is not a ton of leg room, especially if your 2 year old or 3 year old is tall, like mine.  However, this is the driver's seat in the fully extended rear position and a slight recline.  My kid's legs barely fit, but they do fit.  Shorter drivers probably don't have to worry as much.  Or, sit the child on the passenger side of your G35 or G37.    One interesting note, I recently had a 2011 loaner G37 (not the sport model) and the front where much thicker than my 2009 sport model.  It ate up some additional leg room for the child.  
Not sure if that is all 2011 models or any model that does not have the sport package.

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Tenitrus Bethel said...

This is super useful. I just purchased a G37 and my daughters booster seat doesn't fit properly in the backseat and I was like crap I may need to get another car b/c I need her to be able to safely sit in the car. So now I can go and look for this one, or one similar, and she gets a new seat.

Thank you for this!!