Monday, July 15, 2013

Cheap small keyboard for Samsung ES8000 Smart Hub Tv

I have a Samsung 65ES8000 LED TV with Samsung's Smart Hub and was looking for a compact, yet inexpensive qwerty keyboard/remote so that I could use the web browser with more speed.
I was originally looking at the Samsung RMC-QTD1, which I knew would work on the Samsung es8000 and es7500 smart tvs, but I didn't want to spend over $100 for a remote that I would barely every use.

So I took a gamble and bought the Favi SmartStick Keyboard for about $30.  The Favi qwerty keyboard was specifically designed to work with Favi Smartstick mini computers (that plug into the hdmi port of a tv), but I thought it should work for the Samsung TV running Smart Hub.
Long story short, it works just fine.   Some of the apps do not recognize the keyboard, but the important one, the web browser, recognizes both the keystrikes, and mouse action and mouse clicks. Simple plug the small usb adapter into the Samsung Smart Tv's usb port (in the back) and the TV automatically recognized the keyboard. No configuration or software to install, truly plug and play.

The keyboard works pretty well, but sometimes the touchpad is a bit slow to navigate the cursor around.  The touchpad also supports tapping as a mouse click.  Overall, the Favi Keyboard was a great buy for about $30, as a cheap alternative to the samsung qwerty remote for a Samsung smart hub tv.

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