Friday, June 29, 2012

What is the Blue Round Pill with L950 stamped on it?

I was digging through my medicine cabinet and ran into a random round blue pill imprinted with L950 on it.  A quick google search turned up nothing, but I was able to find the proper package that it came from and identify it for anyone looking to know what the L950 Blue pill is.

The Blue l950 pill is
Cool Mint Ranitidine 150MG Acid Reducer by Perrigo

In my case, it was purchased from BJ's Club under the Berkley & Jensen Acid Reducer, Maximum Strength.

In simpler terms, it is Generic Zantac 150 medicine, only much cheaper.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Replacement Insoles for Rockport Garnon shoes RM1213

I have two different pairs of Oxford Style Rockport Garnon business casual shoes.  I have the lighter colored, and I think discontinued, Rockport Garnon APM78779 pictured here and also have the  Rockport Garnon Flint Oxford shoe.  In both pairs the insoles (foot padding) barely lasted a year before wearing out (especially at the big toe).  The shoes themselves are still in great shape though.  So, I went online thinking it would be easy to find replacement insoles for the rockport shoes, since the existing insole was stamped with "RM1213", and I had the model number and names for the shoes.  However, searching all over turned up no factory replacements for rockport insoles.   So, I first bought some cheapo insoles that claimed to go up to size 13 from walmart, and they flat out were too small, made of cheap padding and slid all over the inside of the shoe.

Ultimately, I took a gamble and ordered some more expensive (but reasonably priced) Dr. Scholls inserts from Amazon.  I found that Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Sport 8-13 where practically a perfect fit for my Rockport Garnon size 13 shoes.  The Doctor Scholls inserts also have good grip so that they are not sliding around in the shoe.  Its my understanding that if you have smaller shoes, the Dr. Scholls inserts can also be cut down to fit.  At $13.50 shipped, I think they are a great buy to extend the life of your Rockports. They are comfortable, but not noticeably any more comfortable than the factory inserts when they were new. 

  • Get the Rockport Garnon Replacement Insole on Amazon here.

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