Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motorola Droid vs. HTC Touch Pro 2

Someone recently asked me if they should buy the Motorola Droid or the HTC Touch Pro 2 for Verizon Wireless. I will come back to this later and add some more thoughts and differences, but here is my preliminary list for anyone that is wondering if the Droid or HTC Touch Pro 2 (TP2) is better for them.

Motorola Droid versus HTC Touch Pro 2 for Verizon Wireless:
  • Droid has much faster web browser than Touch Pro 2
  • Droid has a much better application store (though you pay for each app)
  • Droid has a slightly better camera, and has a flash, which Touch Pro does not
  • Droid is slightly smaller and weighs slightly less than the Touch Pro 2
  • Droid's touch screen is definitely more responsive than the HTC
  • The resolution/picture quality is equal on the two devices
  • I already found some bugs in the Droid , had problems getting Exchange calendar working and there are a few other complaints floating around about Droid Bugs.
  • HTC Touch Pro 2 has a way better physical keyboard than the droid. There is no comparison on just how much better the HTC's physical keyboard is than the droids.
  • Exchange integration is better in the HTC Touch Pro 2, for instance, in Droid, if you get a calendar request, you can only accept it or deny it from the calendar, where with HTC you can accept right from the email.
  • Touch Pro 2 is a world phone, Droid is USA CDMA only
  • From a business perspective, I think the HTC Touch Pro 2 has a better home/navigation system with displaying calendars/contacts/weather/etc.
  • Droid does not allow you to set up signatures in emails, like "sent from my mobile phone" unless you are running Exchange Server 2007 with server side support
  • Droid requires you use gmail or at least have a gmail account to access some of its features (HTC does not)
  • Droid does not support Excel XLS and Adobe PDF natively, you have to purchase a seperate app (cheap) for them.
I think that Verizon will provide much better support and future updates for the Droid though, the windows phones they tend to leave alone and never update.

Although I like both devices, I would currently say that the HTC Touch Pro 2 has the edge as a business device. The Droid has an edge on the consumer front.

I may come back and add more thoughts about the HTC Touch Pro 2 vs. the Motorola Droid later on.