Thursday, June 18, 2009

Companies that Steal Intellectual Property for Website Design

I decided to write this post because I am so freaking tired of chasing down these idiots that steal website content from me. I will update it as time goes by with various companies that I find that steal my (or my company's) intellectual property. So, if you "borrowed" white-papers, website text content, blog content, or stolen images from any of the dozen websites I own, expect to ultimately see your name posted up here.

I constantly battle with these a$holes trying to get my content removed, but at least I can start to put a list together of crappy companies that suck, so if anyone is interested in hiring them, they may find my list and make an informed decision. FYI: Most of the companies are from India.

If you see yourself on this list, please drop me a comment, beg for forgiveness and remove my content from your site, and maybe, just maybe, I might remove you from the list.

My List of website content thieves:
  • and the website designer: These idiots stole custom made graphics off of my company's website (Source One Graphic)

    Registered Graphic Thief: Technical Contact: IndiaMART InterMESH Limited Domain Administrator ( +1.1202424945 Fax: +1.1202424943 B-1, Sector 8 Noida, DELHI 201301 IN

  • this company in China copied text right off my company's site. Not sure if the use of .gov is the same in China, but I would not put it past the government over there to steal content either. (original content, which I have now started to modify)

    Unfortunately I can't track cn domain thieves

  • - These guys suck as well, stole the same page that the Chinese company above stole.

    This thief paid to hide their registration information for the domain name.

  • Removed by blog author - This horrible blog is set up to look like a company website and it appears that every page is stolen right off of some other company's website.

    Registered Content Thief:
    ------------------- Hamilton, Ontario L8W 1L5 Canada Phone: +1.905------- Fax..: Email: Last modified: 2008-07-04 19:34:43 GMT  (The owner of this site contacted me and removed the offending material, therefore I removed their listing from my page)

  • More to come!!!
Feel free to drop some comments if you want to tell the world about someone that stole from you.

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Mark said...

John-Paul Nelson of Click This Marketing in Seal Beach, CA steals copyrighted designs, after contracting designers to do the work, and then rejecting the work done.

The proprietor ran a design contest at, then stole design work from me to use on the website he was building for a client of his, without paying for it.

Unfortunately for him, I took a look at the client's website and found my designs being used. After contacting all parties involved, he continued stealing MORE elements from my design to use on his site.

There are legit design outfits that make use of the contests, having a group of designers design for them, on behalf of their client. Often because of work overload, or just the way they do business. But they don't steal. It looks to me like this guy was trying to pass off the work he stole as his own - leaving the client totally unaware that he was setting them up for a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Contacting him about it, he passes it off as a "minor mistake", and says "stop spamming me". I don't believe discussing someone stealing your work is spam. This guy pretends he's an internet marking professional. In my opinion, he's just a conman.

chandrabhan said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Indiamart has my stolen photos all over it.
alibaba is the absolute worst!! They have over 100 of my photos on their site, but good luck getting them removed. They have no phone numbers at all, none of the email addresses listed function and if you try the live chat option you get an "intelligent robot". The system they have to report theft is faulty so you will NEVER be able to submit your complaint. It's crazy-making.
Ebay isn't great either.

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