Thursday, June 18, 2009

Companies that Steal Intellectual Property for Website Design

I decided to write this post because I am so freaking tired of chasing down these idiots that steal website content from me. I will update it as time goes by with various companies that I find that steal my (or my company's) intellectual property. So, if you "borrowed" white-papers, website text content, blog content, or stolen images from any of the dozen websites I own, expect to ultimately see your name posted up here.

I constantly battle with these a$holes trying to get my content removed, but at least I can start to put a list together of crappy companies that suck, so if anyone is interested in hiring them, they may find my list and make an informed decision. FYI: Most of the companies are from India.

If you see yourself on this list, please drop me a comment, beg for forgiveness and remove my content from your site, and maybe, just maybe, I might remove you from the list.

My List of website content thieves:
  • and the website designer: These idiots stole custom made graphics off of my company's website (Source One Graphic)

    Registered Graphic Thief: Technical Contact: IndiaMART InterMESH Limited Domain Administrator ( +1.1202424945 Fax: +1.1202424943 B-1, Sector 8 Noida, DELHI 201301 IN

  • this company in China copied text right off my company's site. Not sure if the use of .gov is the same in China, but I would not put it past the government over there to steal content either. (original content, which I have now started to modify)

    Unfortunately I can't track cn domain thieves

  • - These guys suck as well, stole the same page that the Chinese company above stole.

    This thief paid to hide their registration information for the domain name.

  • Removed by blog author - This horrible blog is set up to look like a company website and it appears that every page is stolen right off of some other company's website.

    Registered Content Thief:
    ------------------- Hamilton, Ontario L8W 1L5 Canada Phone: +1.905------- Fax..: Email: Last modified: 2008-07-04 19:34:43 GMT  (The owner of this site contacted me and removed the offending material, therefore I removed their listing from my page)

  • More to come!!!
Feel free to drop some comments if you want to tell the world about someone that stole from you.

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