Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rhino Channel Bank Punch Down Block

I recently installed a VOIP phone system in my office. Most of our phones will work over conventional POE circuits, but we also had a need to install 8 analog lines into our switch. 4 of the analog lines were for POTS while the other 4 were for stations.

Our install was a bit unconventional, because we were using a Rhino Port Channel Bank and trying to connect to a 66 punch down block to an Amphenol RJ-21 50 pin phone connector. The only instructions we could find online were not very useful.

Long story short, we found out that when connecting the Rhino Port Channel Bank to a Punch Down block (with amphenol connector) that you actually have to start at the bottom of the punch down block, not the top.

In other words, punch down your 1st pair on the bottom two rows of the punch down block and work up the block.

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