Friday, December 5, 2008

TV Stand for Mitsubishi 60735

Cheap TV Stand For Mistusbishi 60" DLP
I recently purchased a Mitsubishi 60" DLP TV, model 60735 and needed a tv stand for it. Here is a quick review of an inexpensive, yet functional tv stand I found at Walmart for $109.

I did not want to spend $400 for the matching stand to the Mitsubishi 60735 (which was half the cost of the tv) and decided to take a chance on this one I found from Walmart.

The product was fairly easy to assemble, I did it with no assistance in about 40 minutes. There was one confusing part in the instructions, but other than that, very easy. If you can use a hammer and screwdriver and know how to read, you will have no problems.

I have a Mitsubishi 60" DLP TV on it, a full-sized 5.1 channel receiver, dvd player, ps3, roku box, and a cable box all under the unit, and still could probably fit another couple of DVD players if I for some reason needed to. On top of that, you then get storage on each side for discs, etc.
Of course, this is a finished partical board, so it is not the highest quality furniture, but it looks decent, even up close. If you get a nick in it (or scratch) unfortunately you will see white lines, but they can be covered with a marker.

The stand is very sturdy, and I have complete confidence in it supporting my tv and possibly even one that weighs more. (This tv was 60lbs.)

I would definitely recommend this as a cheap alternative to name brand tv stands.

Here it is Walmart TV stand for Mitsubishi 60735 60"

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