Thursday, October 16, 2008

Netflix on PS3

Another update that I meant to post a while back. Themediamall software Playon that I talked about before now supports Netflix Streaming to Playstation 3. The software can be found here: It is still in beta, so their is a trial (waiving the $30 fee for 21 days). I have only used it once, and it works pretty well. The Roku box definitely does a nicer (and easier job) but this is a way to save yourself $100 for the roku box, plus you get the added benefit of Hulu, which has been working very very well. They also just released a new beta today.

I am definitely going to buy the Playon software, my only complaint is that I have to have a pc running all the time use my ps3. MediaMall should really consider packaging their software onto a box such as the Roku box, and I would buy one as an x-mas gift for everyone. Right now, it is unreasonable for most average users to have to have a pc running the software and a PS3 or xbox to view.

Hopefully Roku will get their act together and release a hulu update to compete with the MediaMall.

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